3 qualities to look for in any bag

Bags are something that we intend to take for granted. We use them so frequently that we don’t realise the ingenious creation that they are. Without bags, we would struggle, from plastic bags to pockets – they all are designed for one purpose.

Bags were designed by the early humans, and have changed and developed throughout the ages, yet they remain for a single purpose, to carry things. They started as pouches, made from leather, leaves or other natural materials found and would be worn around the waist, much like a Scot wears a sporran. Although we now associate the bag with women, it would have been men that wore the, originally. The next 3 points will address what makes a bag, a bag!

1.Its ability to do its job – carry things. The main purpose of a bag is to of course carry things to avoid our hands being full. This enables us to carry on doing our thing without restriction. There are a vast amount of bag styles and uses, from handbags and suitcases to Podsacs and bum bags. Each style has a purpose and as long as the bag can serve that purpose effectively, the world is a better place.

2.Durable in all conditions. We need our bags to last. Of course this can be quality dependant, and the more expensive a bag, the more likely it is to last. Bags should be durable to their relevant conditions, such as Podsacs and other camping bags, they need to be waterproof ideally to protect all inside it. Durability is key.

3.And finally, style. All bags have style. Their style suits their purpose. A plastic bag is about as stylish as its going to get, whereas handbags and evening bags are more likely to be fashion focused. The more practical the bag, the less fashionable it is likely to be aside from colour. Suitcases first role is to hold a large amount of clothes without busting at the zip, a Podsac’s first role is to ensure it effectively keeps its contents dry and that its comfortable to carry.

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