4 Louis Vuitton Spring Bags Which should I buy?

I was looking at my louis vuitton bags collection the other day and I realized that most of my handbags are very “safe”. There are typical shapes you would expect, typical colors, and typical materials.

I can’t say that my collection is boring, but the day I was looking at my bags I felt the need for some spice and pizazz amongst my bags. I bought a new Marc Jacobs bag recently that is so loud and edgy, it will surely bring an immediate burst of energy into my collection. But I am craving more.

After I saw the Louis Vuitton Spring 2010 handbags and accessories at the LV boutique in Bal Harbour, I ordered two items. One is the colored fox tail that continues to be seen adorning the Spring bags.

The other item I will not reveal, as it is one of the four louis vuitton handbags I am having you vote on. But I am second guessing my choice and want your help. Help me decide which Louis Vuitton bag from the Spring 2010 collection will add more spunk and character to my collection.

1) Monogram Cheche Bohemian . This line is named after a protective garment which is worn over the head and neck. This line of bags shows off contrasted fabric and texture, with black on beige Monogramed jacquard with lurex and fluorescent threads.

2) Monogram Underground Messenger .This collection uses supple Monogram-embossed goat leather with additional pompoms and headphone cords.

3) Monogram Denim Sunrise Denim is back. This time LV brings us colorful ombre denim bags with bright contrast straps.

4) Monogram Denim Sunburst PM .This large shoulder bag features a fading blue denim with a hot pink shoulder strap and accents.

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