A Baby California Condor Joins The World

Not so long ago people worried very little about wild animals. During the earlier eras of human history, wild animals was seen either as a resource or merely an adversary, a real menace to human life. Yet, changes were made as species started to shrink as a result of human activities. Today, years after the world started to pay attention, and take steps, to protect endangered species, we are at last seeing the outcome of many of these initiatives. Let us have a peek at some good news for those of us that value our world’s wild animals.

The California Condor may not win any beauty prizes, yet this is really an enormous bird that used to serve an important role in what was once the Wild West. Then it began to go extinct, a very odd fate for the avian angel of death that handled all of the other animal carcasses that might otherwise littler the western half of the United States, leading to decay and disease. Nowadays only 375 of these birds exist on Earth, however based on a local Phoenix, Arizona news report (http://www.kpho.com/community/27706376/detail.html), one more baby California condor came into the world in the week preceding April 22, 2011. That is great news for Arizona which is currently home to 74 of these incredible birds.

As spectacular as they are, one of the more potent predators in North America (as well as the other continents where they are found) is the wolf. The Endangered Species Act has been protecting wolves in the United States for countless years, however they are set to become the first species ever removed from that critical list as reported in a current story in the Huffington Post (http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2011/04/16/wolves-endangered-list-congress_n_850046.html). While Oregon and Washington do not yet have big enough wolf populations to require any sort of reduction in numbers, some states believe they now have too many gray wolves, the species at issue. No hunts are currently planned, yet it is incredible to think that these had been on the very edge of extinction just a few years back and currently number well over 1,200 strong in the Northern Rocky Mountains.

While it is surely wonderful to hear about these types of successes for wildlife, bear in mind that keeping all those animals’ homes clean is important, as well. Making use of an eco friendly stainless steel water bottle wholesale item is a sure way we can all implement this and it is a practice shared by people who hike a lot of the locations where these animals are generally improving their numbers once more. Businesses which currently offer wholesale reusable grocery bags are making a positive change, too, since those bags can possibly get caught in the stomachs of several species that mistakenly ingest them.

Finally, the creatures we had been working to save could be making a serious comeback. The California condor and gray wolves are making their way to come back into the western states and we can all applaud their strength and resilience, as well as the determination of those who protected and nurtured them back to healthier numbers so future generations can know these species, too.

Dean Prater is an immensely accomplished journalist talking about eco and sustainability dilemmas plus educating on the practices to corporations to utilize an eco bag promotional item to market both their brand name and consciousness for our planet.

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