A quick delve into the timeline of the renowned US automobile company, Ford

A quick delve into the timeline of the renowned US automobile company, Ford

The Ford brand was set up on ,000 with 12 separate investors, two of which were the Dodge brothers, John and Horace, who later created their eponymous brand. In this year, Ford also created their first vehicle – the ‘Fordmobile’ (Model A).

Consequently, the company expanded rapidly, becoming the automotive giant that it is today, though this is not to say that it has not any negative aspects to its history. Below are the five important periods of the timeline of the history of Ford Motor Company:

1896-1903: In 1896, the Ford Quadracycle is created as Henry Ford’s first vehicle, which was placed on a buggy frame with 4 bicycle wheels. Henry Ford then creates the Detroit Automobile Company in 1898, but this was dissolved within the next two and a half years. 1901 – Ford wins a high-profile race and the Henry Ford Company is later created, but in the next year, it was discontinued. In 1903, Ford Motor Company is fully created.

1906-1919: Ford becomes the top selling brand in the US, with 8,700 models produced by 1906. In 1909, Ford Motor Company (England), or Ford Britain, is established to tap into the market in the UK. In 1911, Ford also open a Manchester factory to help ease the production process, also speeding up sales. Eight years later, in 1919, Edsel Ford takes over the position of president from his father, Henry.

1929-1945: In 1929, Ford reaches an annual production peak of 1.5 million, thereby dominating the production market, efficiently overtaking Chevy. Later, in 1941, Ford design a general purpose jeep specially designed for military use and the design of the grille placed on the front of the vehicle is still used today. In 1943, then-president Edsel Ford succumbs to cancer with Henry Ford resuming presidency, until his grandson, Henry Ford II (also son of Edsel) takes over the position.

1947-1989: In 1947, Henry Ford dies and Henry Ford II takes over as chairman. In 1957, Ford launches an Edsel brand of automobiles, also sees production of around 1.68 million vehicles. In 1960, the newly appointed US Secretary of Defense is appointed as President of Ford. To further market prominence, Ford also set up Ford of Europe in 1967. 10 years later, in 1977, Ford acquire 25% of Mazda, as well as Hertz Rent-a-Car and Aston Martin Lagonda in 1987. In 1989, Ford also acquire Jaguar.

1999-2010: Ford acquire Volvo car division as Bill Ford, son of Henry Ford, becomes Chairman of the Board in 1999. The following year BMW sell Land Rover brand to Ford in 2000. Six years later, Ford enacts a restructuring program to close unsuitable factories – Alan Mulally also takes the roles of President and CEO. In 2007, Ford report significant losses but remain optimistic and in the next two years sell Aston Martin, Jaguar and Land Rover. Even with this, leasing a Ford Kuga is one of the most common choices for intelligent and effective commercial leasing.

Thanks to this recent restructuring program and a continuing brand confidence, the firm is likely to regain market leadership and profit fully; regardless of what should happen to the company in the future, it is evident that Ford is a vital brand that has cemented its place in automotive history.

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