About Albert Einstein To Write Effective Albert Einstein Essay

About Albert Einstein To Write Effective Albert Einstein Essay

Now, that you are assigned to write an Albert Einstein essay, you need to have an idea about Albert Einstein so that you can properly write essay on Albert Einstein. Almost everybody knows about the famous scientist but the knowledge is not enough so here, we will be presenting you a look into the life of Albert Einstein.

Albert Einstein was born on 14th march 1879 in the city of Ulm, Germany. His first school was Luitpold Gymnasium in Munich where he was shifted with his family. Later, he was again shifted with his family to Switzerland where he got the training for teaching in Swiss Federal Polytechnic School.

He got Swiss citizenship in 1901 after completing his training, but he couldn’t find a good teaching job in Switzerland so applied for the position technical assistant in Swiss patent office and in 1905 he got succeeded in perusing his doctor’s degree.

He is responsible for creating noteworthy work during his stay at the patent’s office, in the year 1908, he was the appointed as privatdozent in Berne and after three years he became the professor for theoretical physics at Prague.  He then again came back to Zurich and continued working as technical assistant in patent office.

Next few years of his life were very welcoming for him as he became the director of the Kaiser Wilhelm Physical Institute and a professor in Berlin University at the same time. In Berlin, he again managed to gain the citizenship of Germany in 1914 and stayed there for many years. But unfortunately, he had to give up his citizenship and got back to America and appointed for the post of professor in theoretical Physics at Princeton. Here, he got the citizenship of United States and took retirement in 1945.

Einstein was fully convinced of the insufficiency of the Newton’s law of mechanic and theory of relativity that stepped out of the merger of the mechanics law with electromagnetic field law. He also did a remarkable work in merging the statistical mechanics and merging it with quantum theory, this lead to the detailed description of the Brownian movement of molecules.
He also dealt with the thermal properties of light resulting in the culmination of the photon theory of light. Thus, Albert Einstein was a pioneer ain the history of science who achieved remarkable work in his life providing the world today the platform to understand the dynamics of science, especially his theory of relativity and that e=mc2 . Nobody knew that such a poor student in the will transform himself into a great genuis of the world

I hope that the above information for writing Albert Einstein essay would be sufficient enough so that you can come up with a good Albert Einstein essay in no time. A word of advice here is that you have to be creative and innovative while writing Einstein essay for this is topic on which thousands of people have already written their essays on, so make sure you are saying the same thing with a little different style.

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