ACN–An Impartial Review

ACN is one of a number of MLM companies that offers people the ability to walk away from their day jobs and create income streams from a home based business. Created by four main founders, Greg Provenzano, Robert Stevanovski, Mike Cupisz and Tony Cupisz, the idea behind ACN is that various marketing representatives work to sell low-cost telecommunication and Internet services.

Some of the services they offer include Digital Phone Service, Traditional Local & Long Distance, High Speed Internet, WiMAX, and Home Security.

The company focuses on building a network of people who sign up to be a part of the company with you. Their primary focus in on building a residual income through large networks; the bigger your network, the more potential income you can create.

ACN claims to help its customers save money on telecommunications services that they already use. One service offered is VOIP technology-Voice Over Internet Protocol. This technology uses a broadband internet connection for routing telephone calls, which should be less expensive and more efficient than conventional switching and fiber-optic methods.

Reports are that the services and products offered are very good. Their video phone enables simultaneous visual and voice communication between two people equipped with their devices. They recently secured an agreement with Mr. Donald Trump to publicly endorse and promote their services. Such a high-level endorsement may be an industry first.

It costs just under $500 to join ACN, plus $150 per year, plus $10 monthly fee in order to qualify to receive a commission check. Commission are based on 1% of the monthly cost of each customer’s billed services. Approximately fifty customers are needed in order to break even during the first year.

For example, commission on a monthly service bill of $50 = $0.50. Securing 50 customers at this level generates a gross commission of $25 per month, or $300 per year before taxes and expenses.

As with any business, it is essential to find prospective customers who are ready willing, and able to purchase what you are selling. Thus, in order to be successful, a member must generate large numbers of leads. With the exploding growth of the Internet, successful independent distributors in all forms of business are learning online marketing skills in order to accomplish this task.

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