advise to fans/free agents: do not sign with the pistons or buy pistons tickets?

Question by Kimiko: advise to fans/free agents: do not sign with the pistons or buy pistons tickets?
this organization has no class whatsoever. joe dumars and michael curry are know to be ruining players’ careers. all they care about is cap space and having man crush on stiffs. cap space is overrated. you can have memphis’ cap space but nobody decent is gonna sign with you

1. just because rasheed wallace and allen iverson are expiring contracts who won’t be resigned don’t mean you can ruin their careers and their free agent stocks. it is bad enough that allen iverson got benched (for “stuckey” who is probably the biggest joke in the nba besides kwame brown and iverson even lost bench minutes to euro-league journeyman, will bynum), but now rasheed wallace too? oh, the best part, his replacement is kwame brown, the joke of the decade. if i were sheed, i would try to get a technical every game so i would be suspended and don’t have to play.

2. it would be one thing if iverson and sheed sucked, but that’s not the case. “stuckey” is a joke (heck earl watson is better than him) and kwame brown? nuff said. dumars and curry have no respect for all-stars and hall of famers. if shaq, jason kidd, steve nash, and grant hill got traded to the pistons, they will be benched and playing 15 minutes a game cuz stiffs like kwame and “stuckey” need starter minutes. what would kobe do? good thing kobe has a no-trade clause (iverson and bryant averaged similar #s last season)

3. the nature of hamilton’s benching and iverson’s benching is very different. when rip was benched, he still plays 30 + minutes and he took revenge on the team by taking every single shots off the bench. his anger was understandable (a. traded his best friend b. tricked him into signing an extension before letting him know chauncey was traded c. got benched himself) the pistons lost almost every game and iverson was blamed.

-dumars fired saunders and put the entire team on the market besides his crush “stuckey”

-dumars signed free agent kwame brown, his biggest acquisition during the offseason. brown also happens to be the biggest bust in history. throughout the summer, dumars continued to hype and rave about his pet “stuckey”

-training camp: dumars said he is committed to giving his crush “stuckey” consisstent minutes.

-pistons won their first 4 games, then pull a blockbuster trade with denver, acquiring former MVP allen iverson

-iverson tried to be a team player, causing his stats to drop. pistons were playing okay when iverson and hamilton were the starting backcourt. not as smooth as with billups,but that’s to be expected. they are more or less in the top 4 of the east and even shocked some contenders.

-dumars’ dream was realized. rip was injured and “stuckey” stepped in. iverson started to fit in with the new team. pistons won 7 in a row without hamilton, which was amazing on iverson and rasheed’s part given how horrible of a point guard “stuckey” is.

-rip is back. dumars wants “stuckey” to start. curry experimented the “small-ball” lineup, losses starting to pile up

-curry ditched “small-ball”. benched hamilton but still play him 30 + a game. refused to go back to the old lineup with “stuckey” on the bench. hamilton, upset with the decision and the decision to trade his best friend, took his anger out on iverson by taking all the bench shots. losses continued to pile up.

-controversy started during a stretch when “stuckey”, as starter, scored 3, 2, 8, 8, 6 points while playing over 30 minutes a game. some argue that rip should start with a.i. like the start of the season. some even said journeyman will bynum is better than “stuckey”. curry refused to answer to the calls to bench “stuckey” stating that the debate is mainly between whether iverson or hamilton should start.

-iverson missed his first game due to back problems. curry announced hamiton has been reinserted and that the move in permanent.

-iverson missed a month. rasheed wallace also missed almost a month around the same time. pistons won some games. hamilton out for a few games. will bynum demonstrated that he is better than “stuckey” but didn’t get a chance to start

-iverson came back and in 3 games averaged only 18 minutes per game. no this wasn’t a typo. sheed came back and was benched in favor of kwame brown. he promptly picked up a technical in frustration and suspended for one game.

-iverson complained about lack of playing time. media continued to scapegoat him and wallace.

5. conclusion: if you are with the pistons, they screw you if your contract is expiring. scapegoat you with the media, ruin your reputation around the league, and sabotage your career.
benching iverson for “stuckey” and sheed for “kwame brown” is like benching shaq for robin lopez, benching kobe for vujacic, benching j-kidd for jj barea, benching KG for big baby davis, benching carmelo for linas kleiza, and benching nash for goran dragic. this is the most classless organization ever.

if you are a ticket holder, why would u wanna see all-stars,

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Answer by Bayonnaise

didnt know detroit sucked that much

thanks for the info man

i like iverson

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