Albert Einstein (01)

Original footage … thanks to the efforts of the whole community *) it was finally possible to “decipher” what Einstein is saying: “Now I will add a few words unprepared. [laughter] A country becomes really a soul only in consciously serving the intellectual life, and in the case of our Jewish people it was really this endeavour, which conserved the Jewish people as a whole. We would not be in existence today, as a community of people, without this continued, or discontinued … ehh … activity into learning and in thought and in literature.” The occasion of this speech is still unknown, though. *) Thanks to rubyslippez, ElmaFudd2 and especially RuniToconillo.
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An excellent PBS documentary on Swiss genius Albert Einstein, most commonly known for his theory of relativity. Part 1 of 6
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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