Another Obama quote that shows he is incapable?

Question by Be Kind to Animal: Another Obama quote that shows he is incapable?
Obama said today that, “the nation will weather its current difficulties if Americans remember the spirit of President Abraham Lincoln.”

OK, who else thinks Obama needs to stop living in the past and get working on the present?

I would rather the government do something to help the country instead of telling us to hope that Lincoln comes back from the dead to save us… then again zombie Lincoln would do almost a trillion times better than Obama.

anyone agree?
Lets get some things straight….
first, I’m glad to see that people have no sense of humor
second, Obama doesn’t want to be bi-partisan, he wants everyone to agree with his ideas without challenging them.
third, there is a difference between living in the past and remembering the past. In-case you don’t remember, every time Obama was asked about his position on Iraq he’s said, “well I never wanted to be there in the first place”…. good for you, that helps no one.

oh, and NO, i don’t just want people to agree with me. if i did i would have written “Only answer if you agree with me”

Best answer:

Answer by Gabriel V
He’s not living in the past, he’s trying to create a similar image for himself. Too bad he’s the last to get “he ain’t no Lincoln.” Guess we can expect his next fictional autobiography to tell us how exactly how they are alike…in his mind.

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