Are you a software pirate? Why or Why not?

Question by watty_ofthe_wattykins: Are you a software pirate? Why or Why not?
Why don’t people feel comfortable stealing files of all windows based files. Bill Gates “stole” the graphic interface from Steve Jobbs team. Thus in my mind, that would making stealing from that theif ok. As well as stealing from anyone who would support that theif by providing software for a stolen interface. Yeah, I know I’m saying I steal files, but what are your reasons for,or not for stealing files?

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Answer by IMRAN.TV
I LOVE APPLE and I detest Bill Gates and get annoyed when anyone calls him a “visionary”. BUT, he did NOT “steal”. Somewhere in the past some stupid Apple lawyer apparently gave MS the rights to use the graphic user interface. AND, in the sense of origins, even Apple user interface came from XEROX’ PARC. Microsoft DOES have terrible and anti-competitive business practices and attitudes but calling them thiefs is not right.

Let’s not even go into the fact that the people writing software sell it to get paid for their efforts. Even if someone has a stolen notebook, it does not make it OK for you to steal pens.

Now, let’s look at your logic about why stealing is OK from people who write software for Microsoft even IF Bill Gates stole Apple’s designs.

I assume you live in the USA. Since it can be argued that the “white man” stole the land from the native American Indians, then your house is most likely built on “stolen” land and so it should be perfectly OK for someone to break into your house and steal everything in there.


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