Are You Ready For Success?

Are You Ready For Success?

‘It’s much like all the people who couldn’t break the four-minute mile until Roger Bannister did it. Once he did it, others could do it, too. They just needed an example.’

Unknown Author


‘If you want one year of prosperity, grow seeds. If you want ten years of prosperity, grow trees. If you want a lifetime of prosperity, grow your self-worth’. — Chinese proverb.


Cause and Effect:


As the plant springs forth from the seed likewise the thoughts of man produce the fruits from the seeds of doubt or success. As Henry Ford said if you think you can, or whether you think you cannot: you are right. Henry Ford lifted himself up out of poverty and lack of education spurring the momentum that was to be the FORD MACHINE and is the great Ford Motor Co selling automobiles all over the world. Oprah is an example in our world today of someone who saw the great horizon beyond and made a conscious decision to seek, examine it and then conquer it to reach her dreams. Not only that but she brought others along with her, a neat example of an explorer, a visionary with a team mindset.


Every great thinker, actor, singer, playwright, business man and employees of any corporation has it within himself / herself / themselves to decide where to be whether to continue in obscurity or achieve and amass great successes leading to tremendous financial and personal rewards. Maybe not for oneself alone but perhaps within the framework of the corporation employing him / her. We all need to show we are indispensable to those we need for our successful lives to flourish. This applies to our loved ones too as we most definitely need to show them we are indispensable in every way shape and form but also being open to recognise that they too are indispensable to us.


No matter the outcome no person will ever be the same when the conscious decisions have been made to be more, achieve more and to excel in a way we previously had not with the direction of focused thought through personal growth. Personal growth is not a new fangled concept as it is with us since time began and the fruits of its students are evidently visible with every turn of your head, every journey one embarks upon and especially with the flick of every switch.


‘For having ignored Wisdom, not only were they kept from knowing what is good, but their ruins were left as a monument to their foolishness so that their failure might never be forgotten.’ Wisdom 10:8


The theory of being self made is actually non existent as no person will ever or has been ever able to achieve great potential on their own. A team has always been put in place to enable them to bring together that which they have dreamed of which came about from an idea. It is good to have ideas but is essential to act upon them attracting the necessary people and mechanics to develop the idea into something workable.


Like the acorn holds within an oak tree and the egg a bird the ideas of our minds hold ideas of immense proportion when we choose to act on them.


Herein lies the dilemma of action as most people say oh someday I will do that thing I was thinking about and lo and behold that day will never ever come along because when we procrastinate we may lose opportunity to build on the idea and someone else instead will readily act upon it. Ok put down this book and write something that comes into your mind, it may be an idea, a thought or even a reminder for a task you have been prevaricating over.


The thing of it is ideas are floating around in the universe and more than one person grabs them. This is similar to the many acorns lying on the earth where only a few sink in to the ground and become nurtured. Likewise are the ideas in our minds. That is why occasionally we see a few people racing ahead in order to be the first out with the results of their implementing an idea. But there may only be one first place and so the garlands go to those who reach out and grab them while acting accordingly with haste and constructive production. PT Barnum wrote, “If you hesitate, some bolder hand will stretch out before you and get the prize.”


Life is never a walk in the park for anyone whether rich or poor however the main difference is the quality one enjoys based on the successes one attains throughout one’s life. If there is no success financially then the resulting mediocrity will have no alibis. Therefore if this does not stimulate one to act upon an idea and live a good life then go back to sleep or watching the silly mind numbing programs on TV.


The garland shall go to the person going the extra mile willingly and with a huge smile of confidence and friendliness with his eye past the line towards the next opportunity, because he has developed the razors edge. A champion is not always the one with the best talent, but actually the one with the finely tuned grit creating the razors edge advantage that separates first place from the rest of the field and towards the beyond.


Recognise there is a problem:

Tomas Coimin is a master of motivational techniques with a strong desire to help others seek greater peace through positive self-esteem. Based in Co. Tipperary Ireland. Through the years it has been very rewarding to receive acknowledgments from readers indicating the benefits of my writings and thus I pray to continue to deliver quality pieces to continue the trends of previous successes. I write and publish poetry and short stories too but my chief aim is to work towards strengthening self-esteem while eliminating the ravages caused by abuses whether financial, physical, sexual or mental.
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