Autobook Review: ?six Men Who Built the Modern Auto Industry?

Autobook Review: ?six Men Who Built the Modern Auto Industry?

Based on the lives of six great icons of the auto industry, this book takes you through their inspiration, egos, collaborative and competitive spirit, and their passion to succeed. Enchantingly written by Richard Johnson, it compels the reader to ride the surf of the auto industry with the six icons.

Each of the six personalities discussed in the book had an aura of zeal about them and have left everlasting imprints on the automotive industry.

Henry Ford II (September 4, 1917 — September 29, 1987): The grandson of the founder of Ford Motor Company was a strategic thought leader and autocratic/aggressive managerial style. His hiring and firing of Lee Iacocca, and propelling the company to become the fourth largest industrial corporation in the world by 1980 when he retired are some of the popular events of his career.

Lee Iacocca (October 15, 1924 – ): He’s known as the brains behind the success of the Ford Mustang and a savior of Chrysler. His recognition for his “56 for 56” campaign, then moving up to become the President of the Ford Division, and his differences with Henry Ford II that led to him being fired are some popular parts of his career.

Soichiro Honda (November 17, 1906 – August 5, 1991): He was the father of Honda Motor Co., Ltd., who took the company as well as Japanese car manufacturing industry to new heights. Even at age 77, he held a private pilot’s license, loved to ski, hang-glide and enjoyed ballooning.

Eberhard von Kuenheim (October 2, 1928 – ) He’s considered as the father of modern BMW, who’s credited with transforming a small Bavarian manufacturer into a worldwide name. One of his famous quotes is “At great altitude, the eagle prefers to fly alone.”

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