?Automobiles? to make you free from the limits

?Automobiles? to make you free from the limits

“Henry Ford freed common people from the limitations of their geography”.

Once, while going through a magazine I read this quote made by one historian. These lines made my mind wheels to move in the direction of automobile industry, which really has given us speed and accessibility to reach anywhere in the world and to go beyond the word ‘limitations’. Historian gave acknowledgment to Mr. Ford, might be due to the revolution he brought into the field of transportation, broadly into the automobile industry. Henry Ford was an American man, who has made history in the world of Automobile. He was the founder of the ‘Ford Motor Company’ and referred as the father of modern assembly lines those have been used in mass production.

Today whole world is moving on the wheels as automobile industry has acquired a remarkable place in everyone’s life. The automobile gave mobility to our life to the degree that never been recognized before. It has made a great impact on human being as the motor vehicles have narrowed the gap and shortened the distance between so called rural and urban areas.

This changed many of ours life and catered more flexibility to it. Farmers can transport their productions easily and economically using various modes of transportation. This also made the journey or transportation of our younger one’s easy as regional or far away schools are now easily accessible by bus for them. Alike this many of the examples are available for us in our day-to-day life, which has a wide and good impact of automobile.

Automobile is the field useful for people in the urban as well as rural parts. As it is giving speed to the urban routine tasks or can say city life it gives pace to the farm duties too. Automobiles have drastically changed lives in cities by picking up the pace for the outward expansion of population into the suburbs. Through highway transportation automobile industry has given emphasize to suburban trends. This encourages business and industry to move to these outward sites. Impact of Automobiles gave birth to many of the new tasks and businesses that have allowed more employment to the world’s growing population.

Automobile is a broader term, which includes any power-driven vehicle categorize under various types such as cars, trucks, buses, scooters, motorcycles, mopeds, matadors etc. Apart from this, auto accessories for the above kinds of automobiles such as various auto parts, tyres & tubes, brakes, auto electrical spares etc are also included in this automobile term. This has broadened automobile industry in wider manner. The wider industry like this is doing well on the extensive and widen platform of business. Manufacturing, supply, export-import and servicing of automobile and its parts are the key elements of industrial economies. The revenue of billions of dollars and billions of job opportunities are generating worldwide through this industry every year. Find free leads of auto parts manufacturers, exporters, suppliers at B2B Portal.

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MaryAnn, Stephanie, Eric, Zack, Brian, Devin, and I went to see Yelle perform at the Henry Fonda Theater in Hollywood on November 1st, 2008.
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