Bill Gates Confronted on Eugenics by We Are Change

Bill Gates, Microsoft chairman, philanthropist, and Bilderberg 2010 attendee, was met by members of the Rhode Island and Boston chapters of an international activist network of grassroots journalists known as We Are Change. Gates was met outside of Harvard University, as well as inside during a Q & A session following his presentation. Questions were focused on the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, a foundation which has donated many billions of dollars to charitable projects in the publicly expressed spirit of the Rockefeller Foundation. Some activities funded through the foundation, and personally praised by Bill Gates, raise considerable concern for many. Only an uncompromising free press is capable of truly representing the universal demand for honest, bold, and when necessary, humorous pursuit of truth. We Are Change strives to fill this void wherever it exists. To dismiss our questions, as moguls such as Gates does, is not a sign of intelligence or power, but a sign of weakness and fear. (we get it, he’s busy) That is not to say that anyone has everything figured out, but that strength admits its vulnerability to grow and questions itself. And so, get active, ask questions, and put it on record. We Are Change, and so are You. Full complimentary article forthcoming; here are the links promised within the video which will provide you with the necessary tools to begin your research: Bill Gates complete TED presentation: Gates at Harvard (Mark is at the

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