Bill Gates Signed XBOX.. Whats it worth?

Question by Aaron Manry: Bill Gates Signed XBOX.. Whats it worth?
Ok, I have two questions. First I have the original Green Launch Team Xbox signed “Great Work, Bill Gates” Apparently only 100 or so exist in the world. How much is it worth? Second, I have the Launch Teams Xbox 360 (Yes my Dad worked at Microsoft, which is why I have these,) it has the launch team faceplate green sides etc. What do you think that one is worth aswell?
Bill Gates did not sign the 360 Version, to date the only Xbox 360 he signed that I have heard of is the Halo Launch team ones. My Dad had to buy the first one from Microsoft, whereas the 360’s were given for free. So its not worth that much, although I wish it was.

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Answer by Qwert Poiu
around 400$

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