Building a new desktop PC for gaming & general use?

Question by majormajormajormajor69: Building a new desktop PC for gaming & general use?
I’m looking to build a new computer to last me for about the next 4 or 5 years. It will be used for gaming, internet, office and photo editing (no video editing).

Any advice as to what parts to go with, how much RAM, hard drives, etc would really be appreciated.


Windows Vista (not sure which edition)
Capable of running BioShock, UT3, COD4, Starcraft 2, etc on max quality settings at 1280×1024 resolution but if possible 1600×1200. I believe BioShock is the most demanding of these games though.
Be capable of playing games released 2 years from now at somewhat lower standards
Run an intel dual core processor and nVIDIA graphics card

If and only if possible given the above, use my new FSP Bluestorm II 550 watt PSU

Budget is not stringent, but err on the side of being economical. No “Donald Trump” ego frills 😛 Absolute max is probably around 00 but I’m a student so any savings means more real food and less ramen.

A big THANK YOU in advance to those of you who help me out!
Sorry by “last 4 years” of course I don’t mean “be awesome in 4 years” I mean just kind of getting by while I put together the next one. The one I’m using now cost me about 1000 and has lasted 5 years with only 1 0 upgrade, the gfx card.

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Answer by dawnÂź
i would build on a sli board with an 8800gt nvidia .. about 3 gigs of ram and if ur going to get vista use premium or ultimate … imo either a highend amd or core2 extreme will be fine .. that psu is weak imo .. and i would get two wd raptor harddrives and raid them .. no matter which way u go ur going to be outdated in two years … but u can always sli in a second card later ..

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