Bush New World Order

Bush New World Order

Henry Ford sent Adolf Hitler 50,000 German marks as he liked what Hitler was doing. What precisely was Hitler doing that Mr. Ford liked so much? Well, Hitler was creating a New World Order, and Big Business inside Germany and other places on Earth backed him and his nazi Party.
everyone knows what the results of that was, world war ii. You see, Hitler’s plan for a New World Order was to govern the complete World.
As for the New World Order, that need still exists for the most greedy and wealthy people living on Earth. George W. Bush talked about a New World Order during one of his press interviews. Peculiar, Bush never again used that phrase,’The New World Order.’

What precisely is the New World Order these days? It is the business mind control over the entire world by the adherents of enterprise companies. Was Henry Ford a ground breaker in the creation of this New World Order? Yes, he wanted everyone to buy one of his cars or vans. Now, Ford builds and sells those products all around the globe, as do almost all of the makers of transportation. So too, There are about twelve other multinational firms doing the same thing. In so doing, they have all caused great harm to the people within the US of America.

As a group, they took away millions of honest jobs, they are destroying our credibility as one of the Earth leaders, they caused millions of our people to become homeless, they were the reason for uncountable millions of broken families and they contribute the most money to the people who we vote for to insure our well being.

We want to solve this problem before it’s too late for all of us.

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We speak with NYU professor Greg Grandin about his new book, Fordlandia: The Rise and Fall of Henry Fords Forgotten Jungle City. The book tells the story of Henry Ford, the richest man in the world in the 1920s, and his attempt to build a rubber plantation and a miniature Midwest factory town deep in the heart of the Brazilian Amazon.

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