Chanel Spring Collection Top Fashion Bag For 2011

One of the more interesting bag shapes to emerge at Tuesday’s Chanel handbags show was the classic 2.55 quilted bag minus the iconic leather/metal chain strap in its place was an extra piece of quilted leather that rolled up, as pictured here, like the top of a brown paper sandwich bag.

Karl Lagerfeld is the master of reinventing the wheel. Aside from that touch of inventiveness, the rest of the bags presented at the show were pretty standard fare for Chanel. Yes, the prints and colors were changed to go with the spring season’s theme, but overall they were pretty predictable.

One of the clutches suede with leather sides and gold embossed shell was cute as it resembled a chic Chanel book. Overall, the bags emphasized the notion of handheld; the idea that, even with a strap, a woman should still be able to grasp it quickly in her palm.

Despite a rainstorm that pelted guests, editors would never miss an appointment to see Chanel’s newest offerings. There were plenty of goodies to ogle over once warm and dry. The blue-and-red bag based on the classic Chanel 2.55 immediately caught my eye; its lion’s head with a built-in clasp that opens in its mouth was very stylish and, for Chanel, a unique approach to a timeless silhouette.

It’s made of a sweatshirt-like material and, coupled with its young and sporty feel, should be very popular with the Malibu and Moscow set alike. The trio of glitzy evening pochettes were striking; I love how they’re at once both eye-catching yet immediately identifiable. And unlike many sparkly evening bags, these don’t look cheap.

What do you think about the confetti-like bags in their rainbow color scheme? The clutch gave me a bit of a headache , but it grew on me after some time. I think this trio needs to be paired with simple colors and textures; otherwise it’s fabric overload! Last but not least, check out the black quilted leather clutch with the oversized butterfly accessory? is top blog for chanel purses lovers, you can find more about chanel news, trends, and reviews on this blog

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