CHARLES DARWIN (Great Scientists) – Part 3of3

Part 3 of 3 The life and times of Charles Darwin — a failed student from a rich family whose five year voyage round the world inspired “The Origin of Species”, a groundbreaking work outlining the theory of evolution. With witty dramatisations and humorous animation, presenter Dr.Chapman explains how Darwin’s ideas caused outrage in polite society at the time. ————————————- New York Times June 17, 2008 The party is about to begin. In a week or so, the trumpets will sound, heralding the start of 18 months of non-stop festivities in honor of Charles Darwin. July 1, 2008, is the 150th anniversary of the first announcement of his discovery of natural selection, the main driving force of evolution. Since 2009 is the 200th anniversary of Darwin’s birth (Feb. 12), as well as being the 150th anniversary of the publication of his masterpiece, “On the Origin of Species” (Nov. 24), the extravaganza is set to continue until the end of next year. Get ready for Darwin hats, t-shirts, action figures, naturally selected fireworks and evolving chocolates. Oh, and lots of books and speeches. Let’s party!

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