Consider A Home Based Business…then Consider This

Consider A Home Based Business…then Consider This

Thinking about starting a home based business but not sure where to start?  First you should know that there has never been a better time to start a home based business.  But with so many choices out there where do you start and what should you think about.

I recently read a great book by Donald Trump and Robert Kiyosaki “Why We Want You to Be Rich” and one of the most interesting things they said was that if they had to do it over again they would choose Network Marketing which includes the Direct Sales model.

This fascinated me because these guys are wealthy beyond what most people can conceive of and yet they would choose something that many people think is not a legitimate business model.  If you get a chance to read the book their endorsement of the network marketing model has to do with two fundamentals they think is essential for success.

First when you compare network marketing to traditional businesses the cost of starting is low and the training and support is extremely high.  Instead of trying to learn business skills on your own you have the opportunity to develop the necessary skills  that you need to build a successful business of any kind at a much lower cost of entry.

Network Marketing gives you a lot of exposure to all aspects of business and can be done part time as you grow your income and your skills which is important.  When you think about traditional businesses even franchises the costs are high and you have to quit your day job.  Franchises usually recommend that you have at least 3 months of living expenses available to you because that’s the average time it takes to make a profit.

If you have never run a home business or business before don’t underestimate that there is a learning curve and use network marketings training, infrastructure and low start up costs to your advantage.

This leads to the second biggest thing that Donald Trump and Robert Kiyosaki had to say about Network Marketing, its unlimited income potential.  As you increase your skills there is no cap on what you can earn.

If you have ever thought about starting a home based business then there has never been a better time and you should really consider network marketing as the place you start.  When approached like a business the skills and tools you will acquire could prove to get you out of your day job sooner rather than later.

Erik Cairo is a former brick and mortar type business owner(gourmet foods) from N.Y. who moved to the gulf coast of Florida. Married.He is now semi-retired and running a successful online marketing business called the Elite Business Plan. More info about this business can be found at More info about Erik Cairo can be found at

Two of the world’s toughest financial survivors share their stories and insights on adversity, respect, debt, keys to success, and more. Although they’ve followed distinctly different paths to wealth, Robert Kiyosaki and Donald Trump share a common passion for raising financial literacy around the world. Trump is the consummate deal-maker. Kiyosaki is the consummate educator. Each of these two financial titans has learned in his own way how to turn the lessons of success and failure into a better understanding of money and how it really works. As friends and collaborators in life and business they’ve taken on a shared mission to teach others how to survive and thrive in tough times.
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