Coordination For Favorite Group Travel Locales in Michigan

Coordination For Favorite Group Travel Locales in Michigan

Are you planning a Michigan family vacation this summer? Searching for ideas on where to take the kids or hot places to stay? If so, read on for an overview of the best family destinations and accommodations throughout the state.

The Air Zoo

On your upcoming Michigan family vacation, make a stop at the Air Zoo – it’s a massive facility dedicated to flight and space travel. Your kids can explore a huge replica of the ISS (International Space Station), take a ride in a flight simulator or simply explore all the exhibits throughout the museum.

The Air Zoo is sponsored in part by the Smithsonian and is designed to be both a museum relating to flight and also a family entertainment center that focuses on education as well. It’s located in Portage, Michigan and open every day except Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

Tickets can be expensive though. Expect to pay .50 for an adult admission ticket and about .50 for a child’s admission. Kids under the age of five can enter for free. If you’re on a budget, then try purchasing your tickets at least three days in advance from the Air Zoo website. You’ll save 10% off the ticket price, which can be a significant savings for large families.

The Henry Ford Museum

The Henry Ford Museum is all about celebrating the American experience and history of ingenuity, commerce and progress. The museum is not only educational, but also fun. However, it’s targeted toward families with children over the age of 5 – so younger kids might find the experience dull. There are different activities and itineraries for kids and adults, depending on their age and interest.

Like the Air Zoo, you can visit the Henry Ford Museum every day, except Thanksgiving and Christmas. The admission cost is for adults, for kids, for seniors and is without charge for kids under the age of 5. If you’re interested in learning more or about upcoming exhibits or events, then visit their website at

Indoor Water Parks

Michigan has the most indoor water parks of any other states in the country. From the infamous Gold Rush to the Great Wolf Lodges, Michigan is packed with hotels that feature massive indoor water playgrounds that are open during all four seasons.

Expect to pay more than you would at a standard hotel, but enjoy the benefits of relaxing by the pool while your kids are entertained with water sports and fun.

Autumn Corn Mazes

If you’re traveling to Michigan in the autumn, you have to check out a corn maze. The state has some of the biggest in the country, and they add a great touch to a Michigan family vacation. For more information on some of the best mazes in the state, you can visit and get all the details you need.

Michigan does not have the tourist reputation of more glamorous locations, but those who have visited the state understand how many fun family vacation options are available.

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