Counterfeit Handbags and Terrorism

A specific economy which can be found in the active continents of this world amazingly gets a profit of $500 billion a year by simply selling fake designer items. This is something that legitimate company owners should be aware of. Manhattan City was already invaded by this scheming industry in the form of “Counterfeit Alley”.

While many of us spend our waking hours lusting after the latest fashion designs from our favorite designers, there are a lot of people out there who purchase knock-off or phony items without fully appreciating the consequences.

Tim Phillips wrote a book that I read lately which has the name “Knockoff”. It installed various lessons into my mind. It has concepts that really caught my attention and reshuffled my beliefs. I spent more time in the pages where the industry of fake designer collection was being tackled. Nowadays, almost every girl that I encounter on the streets proudly carries an imitation of a Gucci or Prada purse. To tell you the truth, I have never bought a phony designer bag in my entire life. I cared about the fashion industry more than saving money. Nevertheless, people can’t be stopped from purchasing those imitated items for they all want to keep up in a world where bags having the Channel name on it are not a luxury anymore.

“Knockoff” opens your eyes to the possibility of a relationship between these fake markets and international terrorist groups. It has strengthened my principles against imitated designer products. For someone who’s a huge fan of these phony items, do you actually know where the profit of these sellers goes to? “Knockoff” might confirm your worst nightmare. The “black market” in this industry is actually the “bank” of criminal syndicates who don’t have all the love for human kind.

“Knockoff” introduces the most unbelievable concepts such as the funding role of these illegal sellers when it comes to future terrorists attacks. It would surely cause me sleepless nights if I was one of those people who might be buying those fake items at the expense of the lives of innocent people all over the world. This is the reason why I just don’t buy anything as long as it’s cheap. I would still buy an expensive original D&G bag if given the chance as long as I don’t have anything thing to do with those terrorists. Try to take a peek at “Knockoff” for it’s a certified must read.

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