do you like this team (nba 2k9)?

Question by Zachary(MV3 time to win heat): do you like this team (nba 2k9)?
my team (heat) 35-17 at break

PG:CP3 (98) traded for beasley
SG:DW3 (98) i will be any team as long as i got wade : )
SF:Trevor Ariza (73) i wanted per d from my laker heat trade
PF:David Lee (81) very easy to get and they didn’t want much
C:Dwight Howard (95) traded for beasley got beasley back

Bench its not that good perhaps my weak spot
Ira Newble “SF” (73) idk got him in a trade i think
Austin Croshere “PF” (71) was a free agent used him before not bad
Mark Blount “C” (71) can’t wait 2 get rid of that $ i will have +cap
Mardy Collins “PG” (69) trade i think
Dequan Cook “SG” (72) my fav bench player in da NBA = wit Beasley
Tony Battie “C” (66) needed the $ for the other teams $ to be ok
Jerome James “C” (62) trade didnt look at the j thought it was L lol >: (

my bro’s team (lakers) 33-19 at break

PG:Rajon Rondo (87) trade including cassel and fisher
SG:Kobe Bryant (99) always has been well stupid bobcats haha
SF:Grant Hill (83) trade with amare for james
PF:Amare Stoudemire (96) again traded with hill for james
C:Pau Gasol (95) been there

Bench pretty good but theres allot lol

Sam Cassel “PG” (72) trade
Alando Tucker “SF” (72) trade with james hill amare kobe (long story)
Kendrick Perkins “C” (78) trade with cassel rondo for fisher and co.
Udonis Haslem “PF” (79) trade with ariza and more (long story)
Leandro Barbosa “SG” (86) trade with james kobe (again long story)
Leon Powe “PF” (78) fisher rondo cassel and co. trade
Sasha Vujacic “PG” (76) couldn’t get rid of him : ( lol
DJ Mbenga “C” (72) he was there
Vladmir Radmonovic “PF” (76) could not get rid of him
Luke Walton “SF” (79) my a** grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr wish i could get him out

any ideas do you like them

and if you want rate 0-10
force trade where do you turn it on cause im doing that now lol jk but no i dont i just hate draft picks i use those allot and stuff i got howard for beasley marion and some picks i think

then i got beasley back

then i got cp3 for 2 first rounders i think chalmers and beasley

lee was basically a hand out they didnt want nothing i didnt get it

and trevor ariza was a trade with my bro that included haslem farmar and more

i love trading its fun as heck i cant wait till FA sucks for my bro hes like waaaaay over the cap im only 4 mill over but he has allot of players to so idk but ya i usually make his trades for him and see if he likes it cause he dont understand cap at all i dont really either

and if i had force trade on dont you think my bro would have kept bron and got kobe back

he traded kobe varejao a 1st rounder and bell that he got from the previous suns lakes trade for amare grant hill and alando tucker so no force trade

force trade:OFF
oh i just got hayword from the wizs for walton they offered i took i like im sure my bro like to he hates walton

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Answer by Ö®ANGË ŠPR1NGS>
Your Team is Good But Lack the Deepness on the Bench, Your Brothers team is Good, He Might not have an All-star Starting Line-up but he has Good pieces from His Bench…

Brother- 9/10

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