Does he LIKE LIKE me?

Question by Mace: Does he LIKE LIKE me?
AHH, i am in a huge funk! I am having mixed emotions about a guy…

So this is why i think he likes me:
He calls me butter scotch
Winked at me
Looks at my butt ;-o
Randomly stares at me
He shows up randomly
Writes dumb letters and tell people to give them to me
We joke around

Why i think he may not like me:
He keeps on telling me he hates me
Won’t look at me anymore
I was like “what did i do?”
and his friend was like “Oh, Macy,
he really hates you.”

R they playing a prank on me?!?!?
Like when he motioned his hand like he was hitting my butt, he said “I’m sorry Macy, it was a joke.” Andhis friend told him to do it.
And when another friend asked him if he was going to the dance he said yes, and then i was like i am going!!” and he never showed up!!!

But my friends, “He LiKES you, and i mean like, like. HE will get over it, he was just embarrased….cuz of what your friend did during class”

So, when i was at the dance, all i could think about was what happened in 5th hr. And i could not sleep Friday night!!!

Does he like me?!? i am having mixed emotions!!
The reason he keeps telling me he hates me is because my friend was like “Macy,when u went up to the board to write something he was staring, and he always stares!! and he winked at you on Tuesday! He likes you…but when he stares and its creepy….” So i was like “yea…i think he likes me too!” Then he claims he was staring at his friend , but my friend was like “Mrs.H, he keeps staring at Macy!!!” And mrs.h was like “Then look the other way!” So, he got all red, and i guess he was embarrassed, so he was not talking to me Friday, and saying he hates me, when my friend started it!! So i was talking to his friend, and he was like “oh macy, u did something wrong, he hates you now.” But idk if they are telling the truth because all that day they were teasing me..and he would like stare at me then laugh..and idk if he really does like me…cuz i like him! jhorugb;oEVWbdfweoibg;ufvew i am so confused! HELP! GAHH he like aogofuewdosevrdevwhefhidbhwe so confused!

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Answer by lisaluvsfruits240
okay yes he likes you!
He mite doesn’t want to show it.
Cause Some boys are shy.

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