Does the Secret Law of Attraction Work for You?!

Does the Secret Law of Attraction Work for You?!

I like many others watched the movie the Secret. The Secret discussed the “Law of Attraction” how one can achieve and attract anything they desire if one does the following three steps: 1. Ask: What you want 2. Believe: That what you want is going to come true 3. Receive: This is when what you asked for and believed you would receive comes to you. Since I have watched the movie The Secret I have practiced all three steps and many things have not come to fruition. Why? Because they missed a step that is you must ACT. Even the examples used to prove the “Law of Attraction” in the “Secret” movie were not in the slightest people who just one day sat in their arm chair with their eyes closed asked for something they wanted, believed it and received it from out of nowhere.

To demonstrate this let’s look an example the “Secret” uses to prove their argument of the “Law of Attraction”: Henry Ford. Ford would work his guts out to realize his dreams of building an affordable automobile, he started working at 15 selling and repairing watches followed by becoming an apprentice machinist where he learned how to operate machinery on his farm and would support himself by building and running a saw mill. He would then become an engineer for the Edison Company where he worked for several years, saved enough money to work and devote three full years without pay to create a gasoline engine on his farm. All in all it would take Ford 23 years of hard work from the age of 15 to realize his dream of creating the first affordable automobile which was officially launched in 1901, Ford was 38 years old. Therefore, I believe we have proven the case that the “Law of Attraction” only works if you are willing to work for it. Henry Ford connected with investors, other engineers and the famous Thomas Edison in making his goals and dreams a reality.

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Henry Ford’s ‘plastic hemp car’ from 1941
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