Your Keyword Here | Since Vince now owns RAW again, what if (BQ)?

Since Vince now owns RAW again, what if (BQ)?

Posted on March 18, 2011
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Question by RyanMac: Since Vince now owns RAW again, what if (BQ)?
Donald Trump went over and bought SmackDown?
The Mcmahon/Trump feud could continue and could also spark a SmackDown versus RAW thing.
Since WWE was supposedly thinking of making Survivor series a whole “Brand vs Brand” PPV called 5 on 5 dont you think it would be fitting? An since WWE likes to have a celebrity involved at Wrestlemania,
Wrestlemania 26 could be the ending of the Trump storyline with him against Mcmahon in a match or they each could pick a representative.
What would your opinion be on this storyline if it actually happened?

BQ1: Do you think IF done properly it would help WWE rating-wise in any way?

BQ2: If the roles were reversed – Trump “owned” RAW and Mcmahon owned SmackDown, and it WAS a SD vs RAW storyline do you think it would be cool to have RAW’s GM as Stone Cold because of his history with Mcmahon?

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Answer by Extreme Phenom
That would be interesting if Linda McMahon ended up selling Smackdown to Donald Trump somehow. However, I don’t want to see anymore brand wars or billionare wars. I’d like Smackdown and WWE as a whole to concentrate on wrestling becasue lately there have been some pretty good matches. But if it were to happen, I would definitely watch, and it would also spark more interest in Smackdown and in WWE as a whole.

BQ1: Yes.

BQ2: No. Stone Cold as RAW GM would be a bit random. And the roles reversed woudn’t coincide with the current scenario of Trump selling RAW back to Vince McMahon.

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  1. legend thriller on March 18th, 2011 9:44 am

    the raw feud could ave been great but wwe ruined it by vince buying it bk but that feud could be great and really make the ratings high but the already had a representive hair vs hair match at mania so it would not be so new

    bq1-yes it would help them really well

    bq2-yh that would be great aving austin as raw gm but as vince inducteed him into hall of fame and called him one of the best superstars ever i think that feud is over

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