Echo Park

Echo Park

“I love that everyone is really an actress, is really a singer,” confesses the ever hopeful Susan Dey, a bartender turned singing strip-o-gram still waiting for her big break. So, apparently, does director Robert Dornhelm, an Austrian who brings a fresh eye and an easygoing sympathy to a familiar story. Dey’s new roommate, pizza delivery guy/budding songwriter Tom Hulce, is hopelessly in love with her while she falls madly into bed with her delightfully deluded duplex neighbor Michael Bowen, an $ 3.23

Never Bet the Farm: How Entrepreneurs Take Risks, Make Decisions – and How You Can, Too

In Never Bet the Farm two leading entrepreneurs, Anthony Iaquinto and Stephen Spinelli, turn much of the so-called expert advice for entrepreneurs on its head. They show that by preparing for setbacks and using a framework that can help reduce risks and simplify decision making, entrepreneurs can increase their probability for success. They refute the idea that there is an ideal entrepreneurial “type,” and show that luck can be as important as a business plan in many enterprises. Above all, $ 10.00

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