Electing The Perfect Golf Bag For A Great Golf Experience

One may not think of the bag selected as being the one which would influence directly the direction of your game. However, it has the ability to turn your golfing experience into one that is comfortable. The lucky thing is one may find these nice options out there if they look around.

You should continue reading this if you want to know which out of the three main golf bag types (carry, cart & staff) suits your golfing game more.

The carry bags are generally portable bags. They are light and tiny. That means that one can easily carry them from one hole to another without tire.

The thing with carry bags is that they will normally be best packed with only essentials. That way you are not straining to carry around stuff you don’t use pretty often. They serve the purpose if there is no caddie to carry it around.

A carry bag can be single strap or a double strap. The ones with two straps are easier to carry and are comfortable while on the shoulder. The other type is the stand bag. These have legs to support them upright when placed down.

The picture greatly changes when you have the convenience of a manual golf cart perhaps even a motorized on. In this case, cart bags should be selected. They allow heavier loads to be moved and have multiple pockets.

The best choice for a cart bag is that which has pockets which face outwards while the bag is in the cart. That way, if you need something from it, you don’t need to strain at all. You just reach out and pick whatever you want including cooled drinks.

Out of all these three, the most spacious one has to be the staff bag. This one is good for pro golfers. This is because one may have a set of 10 to 14 clubs in there and still have more space to put other accessories that golfers carry in their game. They are bulky and need caddies to help or a cart.

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