Evolutionsist, how do you support gays when your Darwin didnt?

Question by Jayden’s ♥Mommy♥: Evolutionsist, how do you support gays when your Darwin didnt?
By their iron laws of Natural Selection, he cannot possibly exist, let alone be genetically preserved and determined.

Darwin “noted that successful species produce more offspring in each generation than are needed to replace the adults who die . . . The species would thus have changed or evolved to favor traits that favor survival and reproduction,”
Homosexuality is a negative corruption of humanity with no evolutionarily useful attributes. As the ‘gay gene’ is passed from parent to child, and gays do not breed, my theory predicts that the gay species will soon become extinct.”

~ Charles Darwin on Gays

This poses a huge dilemma for both the homosexuals and the evolutionists. Are the evolutionists willing to weaken their dogma by accepting the homosexuals as a genetically determined subspecies? If evolutionists accept homosexuals, the whole Darwinian argument falls apart.

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Ha Ha, you have never read Darwin or met an atheist, this is wrong on practically every level.

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