Fascinating Things To Do In Detroit

Fascinating Things To Do In Detroit

After a long time of slaving at work, it’s good to know that we all have our vacations. The thing is, the best way to enjoy a vacation is to know what to do in the particular place you are going to. If you are planning to go to Detroit, then you’ve made an excellent choice. It is a city with a vibrant nightlife, and filled with history. If you have no idea where to go, here are a few places and things to do when you are in Motown.

Henry Ford Museum

Detroit is known for its history with automobiles. It was here that Henry Ford established the Ford Company and became one of the world’s richest men. He is also known for a mentality or philosophy called “Fordism”. He stressed the mass production of low cost automobiles. Today, Ford is a household name and it is easy to spot a vehicle carrying that name and there’s a chance that you have owned one yourself at one point or the other.

Watch Football

It would be such a mistake (especially for football fans) to miss a Detroit Lions game. A trip to the downtown Detroit to visit the Ford Field would be a treat whether you are a football fan or not. Even if you are someone that doesn’t understand the game, the mere roar of the thousands of fans would get your juices started.


Going to Detroit but want a little feel of Vegas? Then dropping by the MGM Grand Casino would be a great idea. At the MGM Grand Detroit, you not only have the chance to win money, but you also could choose to be pampered at their classy spa, dine in one of their world-class restaurants, or simply relax in your room and enjoy room service.

Going to the Zoo

As a child, a lot of us have wanted to go to the Zoo at one point or another. Most kids are amazed and curious about the animals they always see on TV. Seeing a gorilla eat could be one of the most fascinating things a kid would ever experience. If you have kids or simply love animals, the Detroit Zoo has an array of wildlife and there are always a lot of events that are held there. Elephants, monkeys, tigers, lions, you name it.

Detroit Opera House

If you feel like you want to go to cultured events then the Detroit Opera House has a lot to offer. You are almost sure to catch a Michigan Opera Theater production there. It was designed by the same guy that designed the Fillmore Detroit and the Fox Theater. Imagine having a place in one of its 2,700 seats and enjoying the production of your choice.

Whatever it is you are into, Detroit really has a lot to offer you. Whether you choose to go with friends, family, or by yourself, you are bound to find something that would fit the occasion or your intention.

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