Financial Education Brings Financial Freedom, Learn How to Benefit From The Greatest Transfer of Wealth in History

Financial Education Brings Financial Freedom, Learn How to Benefit From The Greatest Transfer of Wealth in History

My beautiful wife Lani and I spent all of last week in sunny Las Vegas, Nevada.  We did not spend much time in the sun or in the casinos.  We did not get drunk or see any shows.  We spent our time in a conference room educating ourselves about how to reach financial freedom. We were attending the Wealth Masters International M2 Wealth Conference.


The line up of speakers and educators was incredible.  It included best selling authors, self made millionaires, self made billionaires and business owners.  We were presented with opportunities to invest in companies before they go public.  We were taught powerful investment strategies and educated about how the policies of our government will affect all of us in the near future.


The speakers included G. Edward Griffin author of The Creature from Jekyll Island.  This book greatly influenced Robert Kiyosaki because it exposes the fact that the Federal Reserve is not a federal agency and it has no reserves.  It is a cartel of bankers who criminally manipulate the money supply for their own profit.


We also heard from Peter Schiff, President of Euro Pacific Capital.  Mr. Schiff further outlined how the fiscal policy of our government has degraded our currency to the point that it is now advisable to invest in foreign countries using foreign currencies in order to escape the devaluation of our assets.



Other speakers included Wayne Allyn Root, the 2008 Libertarian Vice Presidential Nominee and Mike Maloney the man who advises Robert Kiyosaki on his investments in silver and gold.  Mike Maloney spoke on the subject The Greatest Transfer of Wealth in History is Happening Now and How You Can Win.  We also heard from Marc Bruner who has created over 10 Billion dollars in shareholder value through the companies he has personally founded.  Mr. Bruner presented us his views on where the next fortunes in the oil and gas industry will be made and offered us the opportunity to invest with him and build massive wealth.


The information we received at this conference was literally life changing.  It is worth many times what it cost us to attend.  How in the world did we find out about this opportunity?  How did we come into contact with and become members of this organization?  We were looking for something better.  We felt that there was something not quite right with what is going on in the world.  We had that uneasy feeling that what we were seeing going on the surface was not the whole story. 


If you would like to know more about the steps we took to totally change our lives please and visit my website listed below.

Tony Measles is a Wealth Creation Specialist. He teaches others how to create positive cash flows and build true wealth. Tony lives with his wife Lani in the mountians near Durango, Colorado.

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