Fine Leather Laptop Backpack Options Found Online

There are many ways to transport your notebook computer, but undoubtedly the most luxurious and perhaps the most convenient is a leather laptop backpack from McKlein USA, a manufacturer of fine briefcases, messenger bags, and laptop cases for both men and women. There are two leather backpack models available online, in business black.

Although there are many computer bags that are made of cheaper materials, or that can be carried by a hand grip or a shoulder strap, backpacks have some advantages. Slinging a heavy bag over only one shoulder puts a strain on neck and shoulder muscles, as well as an uneven pull on the spine, and can cause pain and even pinched nerves. In addition, the backpacks can be of heavier weight, allowing for more accessory pockets and for extra protection in the computer compartment. The traveling, rolling option has both padding and a rigid frame for added protection.

Other features are a handy accordion file for papers, a detachable accessory pouch for media discs or other storage devices, several zippered pockets for your cell phone, keys, pens, and business cards, and sturdy neoprene shoulder straps, padded for comfort and designed to stay in place. There is also a hand grip, so the case may be carried like a conventional briefcase. This fine business necessity can be customized with initials, names, or company logos as desired.

Both of these cases are luxury items, although they can be found online at discounted prices. Both are designed with the needs of business professionals in mind, having files for papers, media storage pockets, zippered compartments for small items, and organizers for pens, business cards, computer discs, and the like. Each has a detachable pouch, that can double as a case for a cell phone or for media storage. The first bag holds a laptop up to 15.4″ long, while the rolling backpack can accommodate one as long as 17″.

The oil tanned leather carrier has a strong, honeycombed frame and a top cushioned with foam padding to provide double protection for a laptop up to 17″ in length. Handy zippered compartments hold document files, provide media storage, and include a detachable case for a MP3 player or a cell phone and a front organizer pocket with room for all the normal items we carry with us to work. It comes with a weatherproof cover to protect the case while traveling in inclement weather and to keep the fine leather from scratches and nicks.

The manufacturer offers personalization; custom orders will take a little longer to receive but how nice it will be to have your bag distinguished by your initials or name. Companies can also have their logo imprinted on the bags, for employee rewards or identification.

Check the Internet for another guarantee, that you are getting the best possible price on a leather laptop backpack.

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