Foundations Of Wealth Creation!

Foundations Of Wealth Creation!

When I see a tall building, I always wonder how a building can be that tall without falling over. By chance, I manage to read about the construction of a tall building and realize that the foundation of any tall building is carefully designed to support it. A lot of efforts and works are done at building the foundation.

Once a strong foundation is built, the construction of each storey seemed to be rather easy. If I equate a tall building as great wealth, then this is like seeing the rich people keep getting richer faster! This is because they have a good foundation to create their wealth just like a tall building has a strong foundation to build more storeys.

What are the foundations of wealth creation? After reading a few books on wealth creation including the Rich Dad’s series by Robert Kiyosaki and attending a few seminars on wealth creation, I have identified a few foundations for wealth creation based on my understanding.

Firstly, I need to have a physical health so that I have the physical energy to work hard. Imagine if I am always sick, I will never be able to concentrate on my work. Progress will be always hindered by my poor physical health.

I will need to exercise regularly to keep my body fit and healthy. Lack of exercise will cause my body to have poor immunity to diseases. I will need to watch what I eat and drink so that I can remain healthy. Eating junk foods and drinking liquors excessively harm my physical body. Also, I will need to rest enough to ensure that I have ample energy to work on my plans. Lack of sleep will cause me to be forgetful and make mistakes in my plans to gain financial freedom.

Secondly, there is a need for me to have good mental health so that I can concentrate on my plans to achieve financial freedom. If I do not have good mental health, I will lose focus easily and get distracted by other things.

I will need to practice concentration meditation regularly to keep my mind fit and sharp. Lack of concentration exercise means I will not be able to focus on my plans totally and thus prone to making careless mistakes.

Making genuine mistake is good but making careless mistake is bad. Careless mistakes are mistakes that I have already learned and become aware of. Thus, there is nothing much I can learn from these careless mistakes that will accelerate my path to financial freedom.

If I have made a genuine mistake, then I will be able to learn something from this mistake. The purpose of learning from mistake is so that I will not repeat them again as highlighted in the Rich Dad’s series by Robert Kiyosaki. If I keep repeating the mistakes, then it defeat the purpose of learning from mistakes.

Thirdly, there is a requirement for good emotional health so that I will not get emotional over my decisions. I need to practice insight meditation to understand how my mind works. By understanding how my emotions arise and fall in my mind, then I will be able to manage my emotions better. If I can manage my emotions properly, then I will be able to make decisions based more on logic than emotions.

For example, if I cannot manage the fear of failures, then I will not be able to make the decision to master any skills that are essential for wealth creation. This is because failures are part and parcel of the learning process. If I can manage such a fear, then I will be able to master any skills quickly.

Next, I need to have a good spiritual health. That can be achieved by doing good deeds to help the needy around me. It may not just be money that they required. Learn to give love and care, time to listen to them and so on. This will help me to build a peaceful mind. If I have a peaceful mind, then I will be able to perform better in whatever I am trying to achieve.

Just like a tall building needs different layers of foundation. I feel that there are different layers of foundation required for wealth creation. What I have described above is just the first layer of foundation. Without a good physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health, there is no way I can face and manage the challenges in life well so that I can succeed in life.


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