Free Robert Kiyosaki CD

Free Robert Kiyosaki CD

Lexington, Kentucky

Self-made marketing millionaire Dale Calvert & his company Calvert Marketing Group have just launched a new website designed to support entrepreneurs who need to create online leads for their business.

The site is FREE RK CD and it is a unique lead capture system designed to collect legitimate data from people who have a true interest in working from home.

Statistics tell us that the number of people leaving phony data online in today’s market has increased over 600% in the last eleven months.

With concerns over identity theft and spam even potential customers with a true interest are cautious providing verifiable data today, even on secure websites.

Calvert believes that the answer is to give away something of real value and actually mail it directly to the potential customer through the postal system.

“Prospects know that to receive their item they must leave their correct postal mailing address and normally the rest of their data such as email address and phone number will also be legitimate” states Calvert. 

This is the concept behind Calvert’s new FREE RK CD project.  Each month his company will mail out an unlimited number of Perfect Business CD’s by the world famous author Robert T. Kiyosaki of the Rich Dad Poor Dad series for their members.

“Our members simply promote their FREE CD web page we provide them instead of their normally ineffective lead capture pages.  We even provide our members with over a dozen different methods to drive website traffic to their site. When a qualified prospect request a Free CD from their website we mail the audio for them, and pass the persons data on to our members so they can follow up”

Calvert Marketing Group will mail out 1,10, 100 or 1,000+ CD’s each month for their members for the low membership fee of only .97 monthly.  They do not charge any additional fees for the CD’s, Postage & Handling, etc.  .97 monthly is the total investment with no hidden fees.  CMG feels they have created a win-win-situation for everyone involved.

The consumer receives a free information packed CD from the credible Mr. Kiyosaki, and our members receive more qualified prospect data than they would promoting traditional lead capture squeeze pages.

The FREE RK CD program is growing daily and being used by many entrepreneurs worldwide including network marketers, information marketers, internet marketers and others who need to capture leads in the opportunity seekers market place.

For more information on this program and how it may fit in your current business you can visit the website at and click on the affiliate link or contact Calvert Marketing directly at their Kentucky office, the number is 859-621-0411


Owner of Clay Enterprises. For more information call 859-621-0411

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