Free Yourself From Negative Thinking and Feel Better

Free Yourself From Negative Thinking and Feel Better

Henry Ford said, “If you think you can or you can’t, you’re right” and he was right. The words we use set the limits to our lives and this especially includes the words we think. Simply put, your thoughts can change your life.

Negative thinking is like junk food. It’s easy to get but holds no nutritional value. If we consume too much junk food, we will feel horrible and be sick. In fact, we may be so used to negative thinking, we may think that it’s the only way to live. When I was caught in negative thinking for years, I was so attached to it that if anyone challenged me I got angry and accused him or her of not “honoring my pain.” It seems silly now because ultimately, I really didn’t want to feel bad. I wanted to be happy but just didn’t know how.

If you are currently stuck in the pattern of negative thinking please know that you CAN change it. Granted, you may have had many painful experiences. That is not to be denied. Perhaps you have been betrayed, abandoned or hurt badly. Maybe you were abused or neglected as a child and that has colored your adulthood. I’m here to tell you – me too! I have been there – but came to a point in my life where I no longer wanted to be defined by my pain. I wanted to nurture the best in me, not the worst. I had to make a decision to leave the past in the past and transform it into something that could possibly help people.

We who have suffered the most deserve the most joy! We can turn that poison into medicine and help heal the world – and us. If we stay stuck in our pain, we are continuing the patterns of the people who hurt us – except now WE’RE doing it! I think we deserve better. Believe it or not, you actually CAN control your thoughts. Once you understand this, you are empowered to create the life you want. Consistency is the key. Changing any negative pattern is an ongoing process that we have to re-commit to every day. Rest assured that it gets easier over time. You will be amazed how your thoughts color your world.

Here are some proven ways to change negative thought patterns:

Tip 1: Recognize negative thoughts and stop them cold. Don’t latch on to them. This is like standing on the edge of a raging river and watching it go by, or falling in the water and getting swept away. You have a choice. Walk away from the river’s edge. Focus on something else – something positive. This is in regards to the way you think about yourself as well. Negative self-talk is poison and must stop now!

Tip 2: Some people have recommended keeping a journal of these negative thoughts but I say “Hell to the no!” Keeping a negative thought journal is a way of validating these thoughts. Don’t give them that much energy! Put your energy into positive thought! Now… if you wanted to keep a “positive thought” journal – THAT is highly recommended.

Tip 3: Commit to stopping negative thoughts the moment they begin. This is not easy at first because the thoughts are tricky and speak to us in our own voice but if they don’t serve you or enhance your life they must be banished! Immediately turn the negative thought off and focus on a positive one. This will get easier with practice. Remember, this is self-empowering and healing. You are giving yourself the gift of happiness. For instance change the thought, “Life Sucks” into “Life is challenging sometimes but I am still able to enjoy it.”

Tip 4: Practice! Once you start recognizing the negative thoughts and replacing them with positive thoughts, you will feel so much better that you won’t want to go back. While you a getting your positive thinking “legs” so to speak, surround yourself with positive quotes. Listen to positive music, audiobooks and meditations. I LIVE by this advise. Every night as I fall off to sleep, I listen to a positive meditation tape. Grooving new pathways in the brain is WORK – but it is so worth it. Try it yourself.

Tip 5: Never give up! Those three words are the key to any success. Everyone gets knocked down, but successful people refuse to stay down. Yes you will most likely fall back into negative thinking on occasion. Don’t beat yourself up and don’t quit. Just keep moving forward. Sometimes when things are not going our way, we tend to revert to old thought patterns. If this happens, recognize it as soon as you can and pick up the tools again. Keep up the good work and you will soon find that you are actually reaping the benefits of your hard work and enjoying your life more. You do get better a day at a time with commitment, action and practice. Apply these suggestions to your life and I guarantee success.

I hope you enjoyed this post. Don’t go into your mind alone! Visit me at and Please be good to yourself!

Tara is a graphic designer, comedian, blogger and a strong believer in the pursuit of happiness. She lives in Queens, NY with her 2 toilet-trained cats, Tara Junior and Francis.

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