Frida Kahlo’s “Hospital Henry Ford” symbolism?

Question by hi: Frida Kahlo’s “Hospital Henry Ford” symbolism?
**Warning: It may be considered to be “graphic” to some people on here. I really am not trying to get reported, just looking for answers. So please, stop here if you do not wish to view this subject matter.** Thanks.


This is a picture painted by Frida Kahlo. It depicts her on a hospital bed, after a miscarriage. There are many object floating around her, but there are two that I cannot figure out. What is the one in the top right? (a uterus, a heart?) And what is the one on the bottom center?

Thanks mucho for the help. =)
*******I meant top LEFT****** sorry!

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Answer by light headed
the top right is a snail and the botton center is an iris. Some women think of their uterus during biorth as to be like a blooming flower, the structure of the iris flower sorta resembles female anatomy. I’m not sure what the snail represents, perhaps the slow process of recovery. I don’t know what her meaning is but thats the way I see it.

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