Game Boy Advance Video: The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron, Vol. 1

Game Boy Advance Video: The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron, Vol. 1

GBA Video Jimmy Neutron Boy Genius Vol. 1 collects four great episodes of the popular NickToon. This cartridge features four episodes you can watch on your GBA, wherever you go. Guaranteed skip-free viewing, no matter how many bumps you hit in the road. Plug-and-play viewing – Just insert the Video Pak into your GBA Adjustable brightness Running Time – 44 minutes$ 0.01

  • In Brobot Jimmy builds himself a perfect little brother. Trouble brews when Brobot becomes more popular than Jimmy!
  • In The Big Pinch Thomas Edison is brought into our time through Jimmy’s Time Pincher. But the future is threatened when Edison refuses to go back to his own time!
  • In Granny Baby, Jimmy’s grandmother comes to visit. Worried for her health, Jimmy de-ages her and she becomes a talking baby.
  • In Time Is Money Jimmy goes back in time to give his father an investment tip. This has unintended consequences when Jimmy gets back!
  • Simple DVD-like controls — Operate the Rewind, Fast Forward, Chapter Skip, Reverse, Pause and animated chapter menus through the D-pad and buttons

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