He Came Along at the “Right” Time

He Came Along at the “Right” Time

In 2004 I went to the famous “home” meeting, the first since 1989 to see a home based business plan dealing with the internet.  As I soaked it all in and of course signed up, the “leadership package” was presented to me.  For a month I can receive 3 cd’s to help train me in my new adventure and I was justified by my upline telling me  “how much would 3 cd’s cost me if I bought them at a retail store?”  Of course, I didn’t think that I have never bought 3 cd’s in a month for myself at any point of my life so why start now.

Be that as it may, I jumped in whole heartedly to my new business, Quixtar!  Quixtar was created as an internet shopping site that included many house items that the Amway Corporation sold.  After years of volleying back and forth about the name and if Quixtar was just Amway on-line, now we are back to Amway and to grandfather the name Quixtar of North America.

Not to get off track, I want to go back to the “leadership training”.  For the most part they were of good quality with quite good information, but one particular cd really stood out among all the rest.

The cd was simply titled “Jim Rohn”.  I remember exactly where I was the first time I heard the cd.  At the time I was working construction and it just so happens I was working a job with my up line sponsor.  We popped in the cd as we worked on this job of remodeling the customer’s basement and listened.  I know that was the first time, I can’t even begin to tell you how many times I have listened to that same cd since.

I can tell you this however, that one cd and the messages within have literally changed my life.  Here I was working a construction business that I had built, after 14 years of social work and now building a network marketing business.  Finally, someone started to really break it down and tell the truth and reality of business.

1.  “Profits are better than wages”, no one taught Jim Rohn that or Charlie Wolter.  If you really consider that, you will change the way you look at your business life forever.  “Wages make you a living which is fine; profits make you a fortune which is super fine”

2.  Marketing is purely a numbers game and Jim Rohn was the first to really sink that hook within me.  He talked in terms in talking to vast numbers, not just get 3 friends who get 3. Talk to 10 to get 1, talk to 10 to get 2 the next time, that’s the reality of marketing.

3.  “Take care of the inner circle and they will take of you”, you can’t build anything outside of your home, until home is taken care of.  Start at home and build out from there.

I had a pretty good life and basis to work from, but this cd vaulted me further than I had ever realized I could and will go.

Jim Rohn passed away early in December of 2009 and if you have read any of my previous work you can see his name and references to him throughout.  Unfortunately to see Jim Rohn live is not an option, but if you get any kind of chance to hear an audio cd or view a video of some of his work, do yourself a favor and take advantage of the opportunity.

Jim defiantly came along at the right time; I was ready to receive the message.  As Jim Rohn said “I am not sure what time this is for you, but if I have come along at the right time, I hope you enjoyed the material and some of the stuff that I have shared.”

Enjoyed, digested and thank you Mr. Rohn.

Charlie Wolter is a business growth specialist, primarily working with individuals who are in the Network Marketing.
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