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Michael Jordan created an optical illusion with this dunk. The illusion Jordan created was the illusion of him actually soaring through air, hanging in the air, going straight. To quote our friend Isaac Newton, “what goes up must come down.” Hard to believe, but he did come down. The night of the Slam Dunk Contest in 1988, the world witnessed one of the greatest dunks ever. “They (Chicago Bulls fans) knew what was coming. A la Dr. J” Michael was down 49 points to Dominique Wilkins for the title, Michael headed down to the other end of the court, as anticipation among the crowd mounted, Michael took off. Michael performed a dunk from the free throw line, did a double clutch while in the air, and put it down for the poerfect score and to ultimately edge out Wilkins 147-145 to win the title. This dunk coined the nickname “Air Jordan” Remarkable dunk by the best ever.

Um, is that true? I didnt see it, I wrote that though off what info i found. Butis that what happened?

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