Honda Motorbikes Hold Cross-Cultural Charm

Honda motorcycles were designed by Soichiro Honda, yet his hobby was vehicles. He adored driving really fast, as well as enjoying racing, and since he worked in an automobile repair shop as a teenager, he knew the mechanical things. He could tell a lot about riding motorbikes, actually being the owner of a Harley as well as an Indian.

Honda operated a service shop in 1928, but was 41 years old in 1948, when he first started the Honda Motor Company. He wanted well-made products that could compete, so his focus was on design and quality. In spite of motorcycle sales being on an increasing trend in 1953, the economic depression in Japan almost wrecked his company. A small volume of motorcycles had been selling, and since he didn’t want to put people out of work, he kept the factory open. It turned out a good call, because the C100 Super Cub was released in 1958, and it became the world’s most successful motorcycle. The transmission was efficient in only three speeds, and the motor was 4-stroke, but it really was versatile, cheap and anyone could use it.

Not merely could new owners operate it effortlessly, but it became a way of commuting for women. Honda attained the standing of the largest manufacture of motorcycles by 1959, mainly because of the success of this bike. At this point they decided to set their sights on the world. They needed to set a precedence, so they made a decision to come to the United States. Approval by the American community would indicate acceptance by the rest of the world. The original store promoting Honda motorcycles opened in June of 1959, in Los Angeles, and by 1960, successful dealerships, selling Honda’s, were more than 75.

Through community involvement , mainly through sponsoring 50% of the funding needed by a pair of organizations, Honda became a trusted brand. These were the Motorcycle Industry Council, as well as the Motorcycle Safety Council, both highly valued by enthusiasts of motorcycles. People kept favoring Honda to be the number one motorcycle manufacturer during the seventies, as they continued developing new bikes which proved irresistible. In 1973 Honda cycles were the winners of over 70 races around the globe, and they were soon renowned as the speediest available. The innovative GL1000 Gold Wing was launched in 1975, making touring bikes comfortable and stylish, and the style was hurriedly emulated by Honda’s competition.

Societies all over the world remain obsessed as Honda keeps producing motorcycles with their trademark appeal. Part of their good image is a result of their continued practice of contributing motorcycles to causes that they regard as worth supporting. Bike safety keeps benefiting by Honda’s continued funding of training programs and dissemination of important information for the promotion of motorcycling safety. Honda have created a reputation for reliability over the many years they have been available. A few of the big risks they have taken, have made them such a successful empire in motorcycles.

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