Hot Summer Handbags 2011

Hot summer handbags 2011 are on the minds of many discerning fashionistas as the days heat up, and for a good reason.

Handbags have always been one of the most discreet and fashionable ways a woman can stay at the top of her game day or night. They carry a woman’s most important belongings and even the not so important ones. They complete a carefully thought out outfit or even one that was thrown together last minute.

There are a number of sizes and styles for any possible occasion, but for most women, there are three major and necessary kind of bag to own. These are the basics, the kinds of things that everyone should have in their closet for each occasion as it arises.

Totes are also called carry bags, and they are simply there to be useful. These large bags can hold a variety of times. They are particularly popular for going to the beach, doing some shopping around town, or any variety of errands. While they do not seem very glamorous, they do come in a lot of prints and patterns that can make even the humble tote the talk of the town.

Clutches are the true glamour stars of the bag variety. These small purses are there to be worn with evening wear and are frequently made from delicate, high priced material meant to complement a carefully thought out look. These bags may be small, but they are there to carry the necessities such as a phone, make up, and ID, and not a lot more. They are an easy way to add a personal signature to even the simplest little black dress.

Satchels have been growing in popularity as more and more women want to look stylish while on the go to work or to school. These professional bags are frequently constructed of durable materials such as leather, and can look good while being convenient. They can carry books, a laptop, files, and a variety of necessary things for the career woman, and do it all while still looking great.

These are the three basics, there to cover the bare essentials of what a purse can do. There is a large variety of purses out there, big, small, and in between, for any possible occasion. Of course, the very best time to shop is now, and there is no reason to wait to get a great one of the many hot summer handbags 2011 out there.

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