Houston…We Have A Problem

Houston…We Have A Problem

A couple of weeks ago, I received a CRITICAL email from an incredibly valuable mentor: Robert Kiyosaki.

In case you don’t know him, he’s one of most successful financial educators that teaches common people how to get out of bad debt and experience the immense joy of being financially free.  He’s not only the author of the best selling book “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” but also a VERY wealthy investor and entrepreneur, a fact that let us know that he does not talk the talk…he walks the walk.

So, in the spirit of his knowledge and wisdom, I’ve been subscribed to his newsletter for many years now…Anyway, the email was focused on the scary economic scenario that’s coming for the common hard-working employees, an event caused by the irresponsible actions (not words) from the ones in charge.

In a nutshell…

The financial world as you might know it, is coming to an end…It’s actually going to be a VERY painful process for those who have (and will) not taken the action steps required to separate themselves from the masses.


Well, most of the well-developed countries are shrinking themselves in massive debts that they can not pay and the common hard-working employees are being penalized for their irresponsibility.


One of the ugliest ACTS from these people, is that taxes are rising due to the fact that money to save BIG corporate companies needs to come from somewhere..And what a better strategy (for them) to rise taxes right?

Now, if your thinking that this is nothing new and that you’ll just adapt to it…think again…According to Robert’s logic (which I resonate to) why will business owners want to keep high-paying positions in their companies if they can hire someone from another country for less…Ok, excuse me…a LOT less money?

So, as the title of this article says….Houston..We do have a problem.

Now, it will become a problem for those who are NOT prepared for the times to come..Taxes, Job Risks and the “I” word that I’ve not mentioned yet will break people down into 2 main categories: Rich and Poor.

But…How the HECK can you prepare for such thing? Could there be a little tiny light at the end of this tunnel?

Of course there is…Once the smoke get’s clear, a NEW and exciting economy will be born for those who decided to start their own business and educate themselves financially.

The same people who trusted in their governments to save them and got screwed in the process, will start to trust in those who truly serve them…That’s right. The biggest transfer of wealth is here..

Are you ready to take that powerful stand and separate yourself (AND your family) from the masses?

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