How to get Macy?s Coupons

How to get Macy?s Coupons

Until my wedding, I had never shopped at Macy’s. When my fiancé and I were considering registering, Macy’s department store had a great program and we liked the variety and quality of products there, so we went with it. Since then, I’ve been hooked.

There is always a sale or deal to take up. In nearly every week’s paper there is a flyer for Macy’s coupons. Sometimes when I’ve been and found what I was looking for, I didn’t have the paper ad, but the cashier had a Macy’s coupon on hand that my purchase qualified for. Because of all of the great Macy’s coupons, I have knocked about of my purchases on several occasions. It’s a big savings.

When we were registering, we could add products to our wish list in store with the nifty hand held scanners, or online where there was a wider variety of products. It was nice to know that there were a lot of sales going on around our wedding and our guests were able to have a good, simple experience in picking things out. We had several trips to the store before the wedding, getting the registry straightened out and daydreaming about our new place together. Then there were boxes coming in with the big Macy’s and red star on the side from friends who had ordered online from out of town. Then, after our wedding we went back to the store several times using gift cards we had received, exchanging a few things to fill in some gaps of what we really needed, and all the time using Macy’s coupons so it felt like we were being efficient too. My husband and I say that we were spoiled on our wedding.

Macy’s is a big department store chain that is starting to spread through the West from its Eastern roots. On the opening day in 1858, the store then named R. H. Macy & Co. earned .06. The first store was in New York City on 6th Avenue, and was named after the founder of the store. From day one, Macy’s used the bold red star as his trademark. It started as a simple dry goods store, and grew rapidly into a large department store rivaling other New York City department store giants.

A group of immigrants who worked for Macy’s wanted to exclaim their new American loyalty. They organized a parade for Christmas in 1924. There were circus performers, animals from the zoo, and bands among the entrants in the first parade. After its popularity, they decided to hold it annually, and it soon changed to being a Thanksgiving-Day parade. The parade now is well known for large helium filled balloons, which entered the parade in 1927. During WWII the parade paused for a few years and donated the balloons to the war effort as much needed scrap rubber. Many popular characters through the parade include Mickey Mouse, Spiderman, and especially Snoopy with the most appearances. The parade is runs a two and a half mile route and brings more than 3 million people to the sidewalks, usually in the freezing New York cold.

Today, well known as Macy’s department store, it earns roughly billion annually. Spreading Macy’s coupons is part of bringing in customers, but only a small part. They have a lot of products in a range of prices and styles. Like most department stores, such as Sears,, they have a variety of clothes and shoes and accessories for the family. In addition to that, there is a big home department as well as home furniture from mattresses to kitchen tables.

You can use coupons from Macy’s for a great deal on any department, just check for the coupons to get the deals that you need. I love shopping at Macy’s. I’ve been suckered in through the registry program as a loyal customer with Macy’s coupons and a Macy’s card.

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