How to Get What you Desire

How to Get What you Desire

A lot of people look at what their lives lack and then determine that lack to be the problem. They see a lack of positive things happening to them and therefore think that if more positive things happened to them, then life would be so much better.

This format of “looking at lack” is most prevalent in financial categories. People see a lack of finances and really believe that lack of money is the problem. They say things like, “If I had more money; if I was out of debt; if I could just earn more money…” They then conclude, “Not having enough money is the problem in my life.”

What so many fail to realize is that lack is not the problem. Lack in your life is never the problem! Lack is merely the effect of something going on inside the mind.

If you plant a carrot seed into the ground, what is in the ground? A carrot seed. So what will the result be? A corn stalk filled with sweet corn? A beautiful tomato plant filled with red tomatoes? No. The carrot seed will produce carrots.

If you put a chicken in the oven to bake, when it’s time to take it out of the oven, what do you have? A nice plump golden brown turkey? A delicious juicy ham? No. If you put a chicken in the oven to bake, then that’s what you are going to take out, a chicken.

Now I know these may sound like really silly illustrations, but I use them to make a very serious point. What is on the outside is a very good reflection of what’s going on inside.

I recently saw part of a program on TV about real estate. The man speaking is extremely successful in the real estate business. Perhaps you’ve heard of him. His name is Robert Kiyosaki.

One of the statements that Mr. Kiyosaki made was really terrific. He told his audience about the most valuable piece of real estate on earth. Do you know where it is?

He said that this particular piece of real estate is more valuable than any other property you could own. It’s not a very big piece of real estate either. Where is it? Mr. Kiyosaki said it is the piece of real estate just above your nose.

This successful man knows that what’s going on inside your mind is vitally important to what’s going to happen on the outside.

But sadly, most people look at the lack in their lives as being the problem. Lack in your life is never the problem. Stop looking at the lack and take a good honest look at what’s going on inside your own mind. What is your mindset?

You are certainly free to focus on your lack and just accept it. That is a possible mindset, and that’s your privilege.

You can focus on all your limitations and excuses and just accept that. That is also a mindset. You have free will to that if you want to.

A better choice is to focus your mental attention on your desires and destinations in life. You can picture in your mind who you really desire to be and where you really desire to go. That too is a mind set. You have the free will to think that way if you choose to.

What you focus your mind on is what you will bring into your life. It is a tried and true principle of life that works just like the law of gravity. If there is lack in your life, then refuse to focus on that lack and refuse to accept that lack. Instead, make a conscious decision to start focusing on your desired destination.

God never intended for people to lack. He has promised abundance in every category of life. The Bible declares that God will supply and that He will give you the desires of your heart. But, He will not overstep your free will.

It is up to you to stay clear, concerned, and focused on the things that you desire; the things that He has promised you. As you do so, you will receive His blessings.

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