How To Leverage Internet For Your Business

How To Leverage Internet For Your Business

People used to live with the same principle that is passed on for years, which tells you to go to school, get some really high scores, look for a secure job, work hard, and save as much as you can, you will need it. Well, that kind of principles or teachings may be useful 30 to 40 years ago, where the competition is not so fast as today. To succeed in today’s world, you need leverage.

Having a job at a big company will not ensure the future of your life. Having a business and learn how to use leverage for your business will. How long do you need to work and save to have one million dollars? How long will you have one million dollars if you have a business that is working 24/7 for you?

To whom do bankers like to lend money to, employees or employers? Who need to be smarter and smarter, employees or employers? If you have the chance to choose, will you choose to go to school to learn how to work hard to earn money, do you prefer to go to school and learn how to have a business that uses money to earn money for you? Who uses leverage, employees or employers?

Robert Kiyosaki advises us to use leverage, and only by using leverage, you can have your success as soon as possible, so what exactly is leverage? Let me give you an example of leverage at its best, The Beatles, I’m sure almost all of you know who they are. They were so famous, so rich, that even the President of United States, doctors, lawyers, accountants, are not as rich as them. Why? It’s not because they could sing really well, although their singing is superb and it is one of the reasons. But the biggest reason was, they applied leverage. The Beatles used television, radio, and recordings as their leverage. That’s why they’re rich.

It is the 21th century, you don’t need to be a rock star to be as rich as them, and you don’t need to use television, radio, or recordings to be as rich as them. You can use the biggest leverage of all at the moment, the Internet.

It is leverage, and not hard work that makes people success and rich. That’s why 90% of people are working really hard while only 10% of people own the money. Those 10% of people apply leverage on their business.

If you’re still a bit confused with what leverage is, simply put, leverage is the ability to do more and more using less and less resources. Robert Kiyosaki once said, “If you want to be rich, you need to work less and less, and earns more and more. To be able to achieve it, you need to use leverage”.

Let me give you one more example of leverage in its simplest form, who runs faster, a leopard or a human? Of course, a leopard runs faster. But what if the human rides on a Lamborghini? Now in this case, the Lamborghini is the leverage the human used to race with the leopard.

Internet is a 1.4 billion people of leverage for your business. Imagine 1.4 billion of people worldwide as your prospects for business. They could be your business partners, they could be your customers, and they could, if you apply Internet as leverage for your business. Just like I live in Indonesia, but one of my members live in United States, now that’s leverage.

If you don’t use leverage for your business, you must be working for someone that is using you as their leverage. Now if that’s the case why aren’t all people using leverage if it’s really that good. The reason is people are afraid of using leverage. Some think it is risky and some prefer physical leverage which is working hard, and harder. They are afraid of using new leverage in their business because they are used to secure job, working harder just to get a promotion by the end of the year, and some of them even think, they made a smart choice by working hard. And it is a smart choice for them, for them that are afraid of being rich.

Mankinds are always searching for a new kind of leverage that is better than the best. Just think of a farmer that spent an hour making a net with a farmer that spent a day fishing for fish. Of course for the first hour, the farmer that makes a net will lose on results, but when time pass by, the farmer with the net will get more and more fish with less and less work. That’s the power of leverage.

People that will be success and rich are those that are constantly learning and using new leverage. For most of people, they stop learning when they reached university and start working for others. At that moment, when they stop learning, they are stopping themselves from being richer and richer. For most of people, professional and academic educations are the place where they stop learning. That’s the difference with rich people, rich people never stop learning.

Just because you finished college ten years ago doesn’t mean you can stop trying and stop learning new kinds of leverage. A university degree doesn’t give you the right to stop increasing your leverage and wealth.

Now I’ll give you a question that Robert Kiyosaki calls, a million dollar question, “How can I reach more and more people with less and less work, and with a better price?”

For me, the answer is simple, using Internet as leverage for my business. One million dollars a year without working is possible if you would just keep thinking of using leverage, working less and less, but for more and more, it is possible if you would get out of your comfort zone and start searching for leverage.

Why do I keep saying that Internet is the best leverage at the moment and maybe tens of years to come? 1.4 billion People are on the Internet daily, imagine that volumes of people as your leverage for your business? The problem with brick and mortar business is that it needs your time, you need to be there, it needs space, it needs big budget, it needs an employee, and all sorts of things to start. Different with Internet business model which don’t need you to rent a space, hire an employee, and all sorts of stuffs. With a single click of a mouse you are earning and capable of transferring tens of thousands of dollars.

I’m pretty sure I don’t need to compare it with having a job in a big company. How big the company is will not change your life, it’s not yours.

You need to ask, are you applying leverage in your life? If the answer is yes, you need to think of bigger leverage, never stop improving. If the answer is no, you need to start using leverage.

Next topic will be on leverage of your mind. If you want to start leveraging your business and use internet as your leverage, you can go to

Not all can succeed, in fact, most won’t. See you next time.

Tantawi Sagara Robert Kiyosaki discuss about Lehman brothers and prediction on future economic. His advice on the self employ franchise network marketing industries. The voice clip is from his phone interview
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