I have family and friends problems, I need help?

Question by Noneya Jones: I have family and friends problems, I need help?
I’m not sure, what the problem is, maybe its my ‘old friends maybe its me” but for some reason, people whom i thought were my friends are acting very negative, I have one friend “shawna” I knew her for over 15 years, and we recently got back in contact a month ago, and we went out to a club and to a movie and stuff, and she was bringing up when my mom and I was struggling, I just felt she was negative, and she texted me last week,”hi crazy lady” and I got a little offended, because someone has been harrasing me and calling me “crazy” and so I just asked her why she was calling me that,but i apologized, but she turned it around and thought I was accusing her being the person that was harrasing me on the internet, then when i tried to call her to invite her over, I guess she blocked my number,and when i asked her about it, she laughed and said her phone was off,..then I have another friend “Kay” we went out on my birthday, and I hadnt seen her in almost a year,and there was no hugs actually she had a med, angry look on her face,..and all she said was “girl look at your hips””Oh I could have done your hair better than that” and when we were out,guys were yelling “Beyonce” I dont know if they were talking about me or her,and I laughed and tried to joke with her about it, and she just ignored me,..I’m like what is wrong with this chick, then she goes on facebook and says” I knew I should have stayed at home and did my hair instead of going out”..then I have another friend named “Ty” I went to her Mary Kay party and she had a angry look on her face and a major attitude..then my aunt (my dads sister) I tried calling to see how she was doing the other day, she ignored me, my moms sister and cousin, I gave them money and found a place to stay when they were in need, and they have major attitude problems, some of my co workers(women)arent that receptive, I dont get it, .these are all high school friends, and we’ve grown up togehter but i feel like they are “haters” what should I do,?I ve tried talking to all of them, and I keep getting the same result?

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Answer by aunt jemima
i have a problem reading this long essay.

i’m sorry.

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