I’d like to make a comment and ask a question.?

Question by theo48: I’d like to make a comment and ask a question.?
I’ve been ridiculed here for making statements about evolution by atheists who say I don’t know what I’m talking about. They say science has proved evolution. Whenever I mention a scientist, the atheists here belittle him, and say he’s not a major scientist. Evolution is founded by well educated scientists.

I would like to point out one thing. Can we take the king of evolution, Charles Darwin. This is the man that started the evolutionary fairy tale. Do people here realize that Charles Darwin, “The King of Evolution”, wasn’t even a scientist? His education in college was in Theology.

So who’s more influential in science? A Ph. d. in a scientific field, or someone who has no scientific degree?

Charles Darwin, the leader of the evolutionary movement, had 0 degrees in science. If he was a Creationist, we Christians would never hear the end of that.
Atheist…………I didn’t realize, it’s only the scientists that Christians mention that are uninformed and lie. Thankyou for clearing that up.
snout……….ok, Darwin went to a “university”, but he didn’t go for science. But all the atheists hold him up as the Great Evolutionary Scientist.
Anniked………….You’re not 100% right with your statement. Darwin said that “all” living things are related. That means, according to Darwin, that you and I are related to bananas.
Libra for balance………There’s a big difference between genetic mutations and evolution. With genetic mutations, there’s a change in the genetic information, information that has to be there. Genetic mutation leads to a loss in the information pool.

With evolution, new information is somehow created. No one knows how this new information is created, or where it comes from. Their best theories, wait a few million years, and a lizard will get the information to grow feathers. They don’t know how, but that’s called science.
Notfooled………..You’re right, the Bible has withstood the test of time. The problem is, the Atheists don’t want to believe in a Creator.

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I don`t know
It`s almost 10pm and I`m really not looking for such intellectual questions right now. Sorry dude!

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