I’m confused on the meaning of “perspiration” – 10 points for a good answer?

Question by Slitely Smart: I’m confused on the meaning of “perspiration” – 10 points for a good answer?
I understand “perspiration” is the act of perspiring – that is – the act or process of excreting fluid through pores (such as sweating). What confuses me, is the quote from Thomas Edison:

“Genius is one per cent inspiration, ninety-nine per cent perspiration.”

Obviously he doesn’t mean 99% sweating… in context it appears to mean “hard work” “determination” etc.,..

At first I thought maybe it meant to say “perseverance” which would make more sense (since perseverance is synonymous with hard work and determination) but upon searching the quote it appears “perspiration” is the accurate word used. So then I went to dictionary.com and to the official Webster Dictionary online to look up “perspiration” to see if it had other meanings but nowhere does it depict a meaning that would make sense in this quote – it basically states the act of perspiring in numerous ways…

So what gives? I’m not looking for what the quote is supposed to mean – I already mentioned I understand it is referring to hard work, determination, perseverance, etc… I want to know why perspiration is supposed to mean that when nowhere in the dictionary is it stated as such.

Thanks in advance..
Your life is a joke.
Jen M – Ahhh, I can’t believe I didn’t get that – I was just taking the quote too literally… Elf you’re still a douche. Thanks.
And I understand the dictionary doesn’t have to redefine the word… it just didn’t click with me.

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Answer by Elf
This is a joke, right?

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