Information Regarding The Winklevoss Twins

The Winklevoss twins, Cam and Tyler, are two identical siblings from Southampton, New York. The boys are experienced rowers and competed on the United States team at the 2008 Summer Olympics. They’re also both very successful businessmen and have started and contributed to several peer connection websites and internet based groups since their days in college. Although they are perhaps most famous for their actions against the well known social media website, Facebook, and its starter, Mark Zuckerberg.

The boys were born in Greenwich, Connecticut in 1981 but grew up in Southampton, New York. Their father, Howard Markham Winklevoss, is an actuarial science professor at the University of Pennsylvania and a very successful businessman. He’s founded and operated a number of internet based businesses.

By the year the brothers were three, their mother and father had noticed that they were very talented, particularly at activities that required the twins to work together like block building and sports. At the tender age of six they had started studying and practicing the piano, a pastime they continued for nearly twelve years. Showcasing their strong computer skills, the brothers also self taught themselves to do website coding and even founded their own web page business at the young age of thirteen.

In high school, Cameron and Tyler attended a Brunswick prep school where they showed interests in the Latin language and classic literature. Their school’s lack of a rowing team and their own interest in the activity led the young men to the decision to found their own crew when they were sophomores. The two brothers enrolled at the University of Harvard in 2000 where they both majored in economics. The two, while they were there, also made the men’s varsity rowing team.

The two brothers entered in a contract in December of 2002 with Mark Zuckerberg, a fellow Harvard peer. They hired him to do the programming for a social network site they had developed, whose purpose was to allow other students at Harvard to use their school email address to connect and share files. Over the following weeks, Zuckerberg, via phone calls and emails, expressed to the Winklevosses that he would have no problem completing their site.

A few weeks after hiring Zuckerberg, the two brothers discovered that he had started his very own social media site. Mark’s project, called Facebook, appeared to have many of the features and code sources that the brothers had asked Zuckerberg to include in their own. Whether or not the two website’s similar programing codes and overall design were coincidences, Mark had still not done any real work at all on the Winklevoss’s website and they later took him to court regarding it.

The two boys were both included on the American rowing team for Pan American Games of the late two thousands. The games took place in southern Brazil and Tyler and Cameron lead their crew to earn both silver and gold medals.

In 2008, they both were appointed to the Beijing Olympics and were included in the American’s men’s rowing crew. During the events, they qualified for the final round but ended up being in sixth place out of fourteen.

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