Inspiration and Network Marketing

Inspiration and Network Marketing

When I woke up this morning and went through my daily self control exercise, forecasted my successes of the day and then proceeded to the computer. As per usual I found my email box full with emails from friends, students and more people seeking help in the industry, otherwise known as targeted leads. Amongst all that was my weekly ezine from Jim Rohn, one of the most inspirational speakers and writers I have come across.

Now I have never personally met Mr. Rohn, but I have experienced his lectures on cd. One inspiring lecture in particular that I carry with me or is at least in my car wherever I go. Interestingly enough this week’s ezine was the written excerpts of this particular cd. Wow, how cool is that not only to have the cd but now have the actual text so I can glance at it at any time.

Of the few things that my up-line in my network company on a positive note was this cd. However, fortunately or unfortunately I did find out later that it was edited to fit my company’s way of doing things. Point is that you never know where you are going to find the inspiration to continue. Whether it is Jim Rohn or some other source of inspiration the idea is to be open and find the source that catches your attention and inspires you to go on.

Even as we go through our growth and success in our network marketing business look for the people who inspire you. Its amazing that has our down-lines grow and they express their thanks to us for the knowledge and understanding, this in turn is what inspires us. Everyone has something to offer because everyone has had different life experiences, good and bad. We have to be open to hear each others message and be inspired by the idea of people helping other people grow financially and most of all spiritually.

Everyday I talk to some of the nicest, well intentioned people in the world, also known as network marketers. Whether they are successful or unsuccessful mean nothing, most of the networkers I talk to have one thing in common, they love people. People who love people are looking to be inspired by other people, it is like a genetic code that we have. The great part if we can come to understand is that all of, everyone can inspire and lead we just need the right direction.

I know that I have found the right direction and I hope to inspire you in whatever your network business may be to keep on working, learning and being open to others messages. You will find the answers and inspiration if you continue to be open. As Jim Rohn speaks about, experience everything you can; music, plays, sporting events, lectures, your children the list goes on and on, but this is where the inspiration is, this is where we can feed of each other, its people inspiring other people.

Thanks for spending a little time with me today and have a great and inspirational day.

Charlie Wolter is a business growth specialist, primarily working with individuals who have network marketing businesses.

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